Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cute Sayings and Other Such Things

Joshua: "If you need help, ask me because I'm a big brother now.
I am t - h - i - s tall (touches toes all the way to the top of his head)

Then this morning, I overheard this conversation down the hall.
Joshua: I was talking to God some this morning
Caleb: You were? What did you say?
Joshua: I was just talking
Caleb: But what did you say?
Joshua: I just said some things.
Caleb: Like what?
Joshua: Nevermind...

Later, he started the same conversation in the kitchen with me and said:
Joshua: I was telling God about our videos, and which ones we had
Caleb: God already knows which ones we have.
Joshua: I was just telling Him about them
Caleb: God already knows everything. He knows what you're going to say before you say it. Isn't that amazing?

Joshua didn't seem overly moved by this observation. LOL.

Last night we had a small group dinner and the boys were very anxious for everyone to arrive so they could see them before they had to head off to bed (we fed them beforehand). Caleb kept asking when people were coming and all I could do was tell him what time they were due (6:30) and what time is was. Well, it was about 6:40 when the first two couples arrived and of course Caleb was aware of what time it was and that well...everyone was a little late (which of course is normal...especially when people are bringing food items along). So Caleb being the exact person that he is (6:30:05 would have been late in his mind) says to our company, "why are you late??" (Gulp.) Guess it's time to start working on that kid's tact! LOL

On a lighter note, this conversation happened Sunday:

Caleb: "Andrew is a special baby."
Me: "Why?"
Caleb: "Because there were two babies in your tummy that we didn't get to meet, but we got to meet Andrew."
Me: "Oh, that's sweet. Does that make you love him more?"
Caleb: "No"
Me: "Oh"
This is Andrew practicing looking surprised. Perhaps this skill will come in handy one day. (notice the full hand, as if to convey sincerity)

This is Andrew practicing looking innocent. This is a skill that will doubtless come in handy one day! (notice the finger pointed at himself as if to say, "me? never!"

Meanwhile, if you haven't heard, Andrew is in process of breaking through his first teeth. One is basically through and the second is not going to be too far behind. Today is the grumpiest he's been about it. Poor guy.

As I mentioned in the last post, my unofficial (or maybe official since there wasn't anything else!) anniversary gift was having our bedroom repainted. We painted it when we moved in, but the color looked really different on the wall than it did on the chip and I HATED it. It didn't match anything!! So, we still haven't gotten everything put back together (and I'll probably eventually replace the bedspread with something much more neutral), but at least you can see the color difference in these pics.

Here's the before. It looks purpley-gray (it was gray in reality...and don't ask my why I thought this was a good idea in the first place)

And here's the after. It's a light neutral-brown

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Anonymous said...

I have to say, since noone else did...those pictures of Andrew in the chair with the commentary are hilarious! -Philip