Thursday, January 11, 2018

Her Mama's Daughter

No doubt about it, she's her mama's girl. She received some baking "tools" for Christmas and the other day found a kitchen moved into our family room. Now she's always baking...especially cupcakes. Wonder where she got that from.... I've heard she does the same thing at church.  She is, by far, the one who has imitated me the most.  It's really quite something to watch sometimes.

She insists on taking many of her baking supplies to and from her bed at nap time and can be heard mixing away while she rests.  She rarely sleeps during her afternoon nap.  More typically she talks and sings as she resets her attitude. :)  Now she can bake, too.  She bakes and creates downstairs, too, of course, and one day not long after Christmas as she was working away she declared, "It's baking day!"  We think she got this from one of the Little House books that she loves to read so much (young child versions of the Little House in the Big Woods, etc with beautiful pictures).  In one of them, Ma has a "baking day."  I also have "baking days", but we think it's more likely she pulled this idea from the book.

One thing that cracks us all up on a daily basis is that she refers to her collection of things that travel to her bed as her "thing stuff."  Not her "things," not her "stuff," but always her "thing stuff."  We can't help but laugh.

P.S. Her hair is not usually quite so curly.  She woke up in dire need of a bath today and that hair is what happened!

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