Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Birthday Boys

We don't usually have actual birthday parties. I think Philip's last party was 10 years ago when we did a joint party with Caleb. We had over 50 people there! I just wasn't up for that this year, so we had a smaller group, but we celebrated nonetheless. Philip actually requested a rather specific cake to reflect his favorite active hobby. It wasn't perfect, but it made him happy. And Eliana liked it. "Wow! Man!" she said. 

Caleb also had a birthday this month.  Can you believe he's 14?!  I can't!  His love for the Seattle Seahawks continues, so his cake was on theme.  His growth spurt hasn't hit yet, so I've still got him beat by about 1.5"....I don't expect to be able to say that next year!!

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