Thursday, January 15, 2009

10 years!!

Ok, quick poll. How many people reading this blog post celebrate the day you and your spouse met? How many of you even KNOW the day you met you spouse?? Well, any of you that know me well, know that I am kind of a date freak (Which is why I have suddenly posted three blog posts tonight after not posting for a month...I HAD to post this one today and it HAD to be chronologically after the other two. yes, I know I have a problem and I am ok with it. :))

So, anyway, on to the actual point. The greatest thing about meeting someone on the other side of the country and having a long distance relationship (and of course keeping meticulous journals at the time), means that our relationship was so well documented! I love it! Pictures of every time we were together, etc. Not to mention stacks and stacks of emails, cards and letters. Ah, what a glorious sight to behold. (Too bad I don't get them anymore...why does that stuff always stop when you get married? Bummer). Anyway, I am still digressing. The point here is that a very fabulous thing happened the evening of January 15, 1999! I know you're all thinking that I am referring to my 18th and half birthday, but people, I was born at 6:00 in the morning, so that had already occurred. :) No, that evening all the stars lined up (or all the duds dropped out! Two of them turned down the same invite!) and my life has never been the same. You all probably know the story. I went to Seattle to visit a girlfriend, who had just gotten engaged and happened to be friends with this guy who happened to agree to go swing dancing with us (after almost dismissing the invitation and going to build speakers that night instead....let's your future wife....go build speakers with your fellow geek-friend....hmmm...tough choice. :) Anywho, common sense got the best him and he came...tada! Insert Philip into the life of Angela. :) Our friend Laura, who introduced us, maintains that she had never seen Philip as focused any other time as he did that weekend. Fun times. If it weren't already 9:00 pm and I wasn't still trying to recover from a horrible, nasty case of strep that's had me bedridden since Sunday, I might regale you with stories of the fun times we had that weekend or the romantic breakfast Philip made for me the morning I left (which, according to his roommates, who were not very good liars, "he does this all the time"). Right. But, sadly I am very tired and my bed is beckoning and I should spend at least 10 minutes with the man who captured my heart and fancy 10 years ago tonight. So, for a laugh, I'll leave you with the photographic evidence of that night, as well as us....10 years later.


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benjaminandwendy said...

No, I am not sure the exact date that Ben and I met, I was so young and I met his family on so many occasions.

But how neat that you can celebrate and remember this special day that God brought you together....I'm so glad that you found each other! =)