Thursday, November 6, 2008

Andrew's First Solids

It was such an exciting event, I can't believe you all missed it. Ok, not really. Andrew's first venture into the world of liquefied cardboard...I mean rice cereal...was pretty uneventful. And even though he's now tried pumpkin (from our ginormous home cooked one, of course) and peaches too...he just isn't too excited about the whole idea. No, that's not true. He's very excited about the idea, evidenced by the fact that he squirms and shrieks whenever he sees food in a bowl, anyone's food in a bowl. But when eating time come...lackluster response. Maybe I am just trying to feed him at the wrong times. Anyway, eventually he'll be all over solids...or they'll be all over him. LOL. But, to prove to posterity the moment occurred, here's some pics. :)

Notice the enthusiasm beforehand

Here we go...
Well, he's cute anyway. :)


Elizabeth said...

I know you've been through this a time or two but Rachel was the same way. Very excited but didn't chow down. With lots of patience, she is now a great eater. They just need practice I think!?

Matthew, Eve, and Noah Middleton said...

He is so cute and that is a perfect way to describe it - liquified cardboard! He is already looking so much like his big brothers!