Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Can Read It!

We have a little reader on our hands! Things just “clicked” for Caleb about two weeks ago and he’s going full-steam ahead. He wants to work on his “reading book” (Hooked on Phonics) ALLLL the time. Sometimes he gets frustrated with me when I am not available and just goes and works on it by himself! Usually he isn’t allowed to do new material alone, so he just practices reading the books and stories he’s already done. He is doing really great with it and is now trying to teach Joshua. Joshua informed me at dinner last night that he isn’t “ready to read yet”. LOL. I had sat down with him last week just to see if he might be ready to start sounding things out since he knows all the letter sounds, but he didn’t quite get it. However, something must have stuck because one of the things we talked about was how when (in the book) you see an “a” and a “t” together and underlined, like this: at, you say “at”. Well, the other day, Caleb was trying to teach Joshua something (I was busy working in the other room and only caught snippets) and I hear Joshua yell to me: “hey Mommy! What am I supposed to say when it’s a “t” and an “a” ‘underground’??” Haha…underground…underlined…letter order…eh, it’s all the same.

Anyway, we are planning to start our first homeschool curriculum this fall. We’re using Sonlight’s P 4/5 program. I had planned to use the Kindergarten level, but then when we decided to use the same “core” simultaneously with Joshua, we figured we should go back a level. Plus, Caleb isn’t even 5 yet, so it’s no big deal. I will be doing level appropriate math and handwriting with Caleb in addition to his reading and phonics, as well as some a basic introduction to science…through books. We’re all excited about it and have already been working on things here and there. Once Caleb discovered I could teach him things, he’s been pushing to learn! :)

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