Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Cat's Out of the Bag

My brother and his wife have a little boy, Will, and are due in a few weeks with another little boy. Both pregnancies, we didn't find out Angela was expecting until they already knew the gender...so around 5 months. This put me out quite a bit, so I decided we'd try the same trick with them next time around. Well, I am currently 17.5 weeks, with my ultrasound scheduled for Monday and who should unexpectedly come into town for the day from California? My brother. He calls and wants to have lunch, which of course I want to do since I hadn't seen him since April! The first thing I did after hanging up with him was call Philip and ask "should I wear a sweatshirt and hide my stomach or just tell him I am pregnant?!" We decided on the latter, which was a good thing because nearly the first thing Dan says to me is "Angela had a dream last night that you're pregnant again...are you?" Well, that pretty much took care of it! I told him I had it all planned out...they were going to get a "specially edited" version of our Christmas letter with no announcement and I was seriously considering not telling them about the baby until it was born (which he said he would have found funny...as I expected). There was just one slight problem. They read this blog. If they didn't know about the pregnancy, I couldn't post about it on the blog. So, to end my inability to talk about the pregnancy, the cat has been let out of the bag...and now the whole world can know: I'm pregnant! :)

And now, to answer some questions.

How far along are you?
About 17.5 weeks. I am due on May 18.

Are you past the point when you miscarried the last two babies?
Yes. I lost the first at about 12 weeks and the second at 15 (though I didn't know until 18).

Have you been nervous about this pregnancy?
Yes, it's been very stressful. I have just really relaxed in the last week or so.

Are you feeling the baby move?
Yes, lots. Philip says I said this about Joshua, too. Please no...I can only handle one kid that crazy!

Do the boys know?
Yes. Caleb totally gets it. Joshua sort of understands. He is always asking to listen to the baby's heartbeat or trying to give me my nausea meds to "make the baby feel better".

How do the boys feel about it?
Both boys are very excited. Joshua is having a "sympathy pregnancy" and often tells me he has a baby in his tummy too.

Have you been sick?
Yes, yes, yes, yes. I think I may be about past it though.

Are you going to find out the gender?
Hopefully we will find out next Monday

Do you have a feeling on whether it's a boy or a girl?
I think it's a girl and I am 2-0 on my guessing so far. Caleb also says it's a sister "since we don't have one of those yet." Philip says "quite possibly". Joshua's latest comment was that there are two babies.

This is me last Tuesday at 16.5 weeks. :) Despite the fact it doesn't look like it, I've only gained about 2 pounds! Yeay!

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Liz said...

I definitely like Caleb's take on the whole gender question. He's a smarty! :)